Community Spotlight : R-CADE

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Project Wanderlust

I’m a Scottish Gamer. I love Scotland and I love games. We are a creative country, we care lots about people and we love adventure. From open world games, to our journeys with pokemon, to cosplay, to role play and art…we love to express ourselves in amazing ways!

Scotland has always been an incredibly creative nation and you can see that in the artwork in this months community spotlight. This month’s community spotlight isR-Cade, a gaming cafe in Glasgow that opened in January. They describe themselves as such:

“We are a very small, independent family business who live and breathe R-CADE. We don’t just have a passion for gaming, we are also involved in the arts and crafts community. We hold craft workshops, art gallery exhibitions and constantly strive to promote and support local artists.” R-CADE highlight that they love Retro Gaming and Asian food and they wanted to…

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"Although she may be but little she is fierce." Wife, explorer and a big fan of people, adventures, faith and live music. Avid comic book fan, book nerd, Pokémon trainer and side-scroller lover. Violin and drum player by day - ice hockey fan by night.

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