Slow Down…


Recently I’ve became more and more aware that I need to learn how to be still. If you spoke to my friends or family they’d tell you a few things…I’m an extrovert, an outward processor and I flourish when I’m doing things that I love. That can be as simple as watching Ice Hockey, making music, playing games, going walks and being creative! Yet I often struggle to stop and be still. 

This week, Scotland has been hit by some snow. I’ve been confined to the house for nearly a week, at the beginning it was out of choice, then I caught a bug. I discovered, I’m pretty restless when I can’t go outside. Some may even say I began to get the dreaded Cabin Fever. 

I think Stillness is a skill. An art I’ve yet to master, but with this blog, I want to begin to share my own journey of being still.

The bible talks about the word “Selah”… which has been explained as the act of pausing, thinking and reflecting on what’s going on and praising God. So during the recent snow storm, my snow revelations were:

Family time is a blessing.

This week I’ve laughed, played video games, baked shortbread and made a snowman out of grapefruit, oranges, peanut butter and toilet roll. I’ve seen my limitations and celebrated anyway.

Nature is beautiful.

From looking at the beauty of the snow in the back garden, to watching the robins eat the bird seed next to the window. Everything I could see was a beautiful expression of Gods perfect creation. How incredibly blessed am I to take it in! Yes, the beauty wasn’t always practical, but it certainly took my breath away. From the small robins to the big ones, the red breasts to the different sizes snow flakes. If I hadn’t stopped to look, I would have missed it. I would have missed the fine detail that drew me in and allowed me to stop.

Penguins are cool.

Yes, I know the domain is “penguin scroller”. One day, that will be a blog in of itself. But that can be explained later. For now, it’s important for you to know that yes, I do indeed love penguins. They make me laugh, I’m short like them, and occasionally they fall over looking more graceful than I could ever dream of being! Yet, I don’t appreciate them nearly enough. So this week, I took time to chill, and watch the Penguin Cam in Edinburgh Zoo. I watched as they played in the snow, jumped to catch the snow, diving and turning through water, swimming around on their own and in packs. The penguins truly embraced the meaning of Selah. They looked, they celebrated and their movements certainly made me look and praise God.

So what…

So this week, I want to be more like a penguin.

“All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing the praises of your name. Selah!” Psalm 66:4. As the snow fades, I want to celebrate life the way that the penguins do, on their own, in groups and with joy! So, until the snow passes, make sure you take the NHS advice, and walk like a penguin.

Until Next Time 🙂